Sunday, February 7, 2010

A mailbox

Here is the newest craft posting.  My daughter needed to to create a mailbox for her valentine cards (crazy 4 challenges) to be delived to at school for her valentine party ( pennys challenges). I have entered many challenges with this projects. Here is an overview of what we have done.

We used a shoebox and cut the cover in half. hotglued paperbags to cover it the outside and made only half of the cover openable. cut heart shapes (die cut) and a flag out of k & co paper (color throwdown) and attached the flag with a brad ( practacle scrappers) to make it moveable. As you can see the handle is made of hemp with beads that spell A-N-G-E-L. The key is a toy my daughter had that I added a braided keychain with beads (that I had thought about tossing at one point.) It is removeable from the mailbox. I cut a slit in the box to slide it in and out. The bottom half of the box has ribbon around it with flower stickers, Angels name, and hearts glued on. The top of the mail box has hearts Angel cut out of paper and stickers.. I think it came out better then how I envisioned it lol.