Friday, August 28, 2009

The paper affair has sugary candy!

The paper affair is looking for 110 followers. She has 83 right now! Lets help her find some followers so some lucky blogger can win some blog candy!

2 challenges!

This is the first time I've made a card for more then one challenge. I guess you could consider it three challenges since it's made for my own Comfort a military spouse challenge as well! The first is a sketch from Polka Doodles The second is Flourishes at Pennys Challenges I used Creative Memories Paper. For the circles I dug out a paper cutter I forgot I even had. It's a Lighthouse Memories shape cutter. At the bottom it says OUR SYMPATHY. I wrote the letters on hole punched paper then put clear page pebbles over them. The page pebbles are MakingMemories. The Daisy's a good ole Martha Stewart!

Friday, August 21, 2009

My wedding page

Ok well I decided yesterday I was going to make my wedding page. One of my earlier posts I posted a page for my husband, daughter, and guests to sign. I had scrappers block and didn't know what to do. I started by stamping daisys all over the blue background. Those would be the tickled pink CTMH set that I'm so very fond of. (I owe a huge thanks to Penny for giving them to me! It's my favorite set!) I started to use a sketch from Pennys challenges

But then I decided to chop it up and weave the paper together in the middle of the page! Then I just completely strayed away from the sketch! So in this page I have a mini copy of my marriage certificate, a cut out photo of myself, the cheap $5 earrings I bought from Walmart that I wore twice! They looked like they were starting to tarnish or something so I had no problem glueing them to my page to only be looked out from now on! I also have some star stickers around the title of the page: The Bride Mrs. Kittelson. It probley isn't noticeable, but scattered all over the page of small fake diamonds. My dress had fake diamonds on it, so I thought it would be appropriate to use them. I also have a protectant page over the page that has a quote on it: In dreams and in Love there are no impossablities. I started it last night and fished it this afternoon.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Paper Affair Blog Candy!

The Paper Affair is offering some blog candy! you have a chance to win one of the two candies. Girl or Boy! The rules are really easy! Check out how you can get involved to at

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

sketch challenge sympathy card

I found a sketch over at that seemed easy. I knew I had a pair of cloud scissors that cut the design in the scketch and I knew they were something I've had for 8 years and never even used before! So why not? I honestly think it looked better before I cut it with the scissors, but I wanted to play along with the sketch. So I went with the cmth dogtags again, with remember this hero stamped inside, to go along with my comfort a military spouse challenge (if your interested in the rules it's still open go check out my posting for it.)

For the inside I deceided I wanted to use letter stencil. I used a quote from one of my justrite stamps. I switched out the word beautiful with soldier, because it seemed more appropriate. Over I'm happy with it. Except the cloud scissor cut. I don't feel they line up right ever when I use them, which is why I normally don't. I don't know, maybe I just need more practice!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Craft chain letter....

Ok so I've seen this on a few sites. First 5 people to leave me a comment will recieve a homemade craft from me. The deadline is up to a year, but I would have it done much much quicker then that. In return you need to post the offering to send five people a gift too. Make my job easy for me. In your comment let me know your favorite color and something you really like, certain holiday, favorite animal, cartoon character? Once I have it made I'll request your address so leave me an email to contact you! Ok who wants to play along too?

Monday, August 17, 2009

Second card in one night! Whoohoo lol!

Ok it's not often I make two cards in one night. I've only done that once before only because I was trying to make a fathers day and a birthday card for my dad before I went to New Hampshire to visit! So the card I made tonight is my Third Comfort a Military Spouse card. I found these clear embelishments that I thought would look nice in the center of the tickeled pink stamp set. Now that I see it on the card I think I may have figured out what I'd like to do for my own personal wedding scrapbook page! I used a justrite stamp verse in the middle of the card. I thought it was great that way, but I had to add the hemp bows because I made an opps because I got some ink on the stamp that showed up where it shouldn't have. I hate it when that happens! Actually it happens more then I like to admit! So the bows are to make a distraction from the unwanted ink. This time I left the inside of the card blank. Anyone else still interested in winning some blog candy by donating a sympathy card still can till the end of this month August 2009! Rules are in my earlier post

My second "cause" card

First off let me tell you I got another care package in the mail today YAYYYY! For once I'm excited to check the mail! So after I got my care package I decide I need to create another card. I recalled having some cross stickers in my completely unorganized mess upstairs. Didn't take me long to find them. Then I realized I had some ribbon with crosses on it as well that I got from Penny when she did my scrapping party. (I wondered what I could possably do with it at the time, little did I know what the plans for it were to be! ) And the rest just came together afterwards. I thought about putting something on the front for words, but I think it's nice without any. Now for the inside I used the close to my heart classmate alphabet letters and the dog tags from heros pride. My husband said none of the cards I had gotten said anything about being a solidier. I informed him most cards are left blank so you can write whatever you want inside. But this card was made to make him happy lol... Inside the dog tags it says Remember this Hero. Well Mr. Critic my husband says the words Soldier and Hero should have been switched! *scoff* I thought about it a minute and realized I can't do that because the word soldier is too big for the tags. I'm really happy with the way it came out tho!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Justrite stamper, PMS, Comfort Military Spouse!

Friday when I came home from my job as a Kennel Assistant in a Vetrinary

clinic (I'm sure you can imagine the days, Bark Bark, Poop, Bark, Poop, Poop, and some more Bark! LOL) I had two packages waiting for me. One of them was my first avrial of sympathy cards YAYYYY! The second was the JustRite Stamp set that was donated to me to help me in this quest of making sympathy cards I chose to take on! So today I sat in my craft room .... OHH I didn't mention I had an actual room now did I? Yes I now have a craft room! I moved into a renovated home and have an extra bedroom which has become my Craft room. I no longer have to sit in the dinning room at the dinning room table! Nope now I sit in my designated craft room at the dinning room table! Ok way off track now. So I sat down with my stamps and paper and thousands of other misc junk and wondered where to start? Well since I still had Barbs Sketch fresh in my mind from PMS So I decided my first sympathy card I would use that sketch. I had these neat square buttons I thought I'd use. I kinda found my paper and thread colors from there. The inside of the card is a stamp set... It's upstairs sorry I can't remember the name, but it's a Close to my Heart stamp set that I borrowed from Penny over at She's a personal friend of mine so she was very nice to lend it to me! Thanks Penny! Anyways the inside has the flowers on the left side on a cut peice of paper to cover the stitching on the front of the card.
Well that's all I got done today! Tomorrows a new day though! I enevy some of you crafters that can make several cards in one day! Anyways if anyone is interested in stillparticipating in my Comfort aMilitary Spouse and WIN BLOG CANDY! then please read the rules in my post here:

Thursday, August 13, 2009


This is my first blog sketch challenge that I've actually participated in! I've deffinitly got christmas on the brain. I've got some family members I can deffinitly send them to! So when I saw this sketch I knew right away I wanted to use the snowflake background, the tree, and the snowflakes. I used the ribbon, but... As soon as I finished the dang card, the absolute perfect border sticker with snowflakes and stars was staring at me... Too late to switch since I secure all my ribbons with hot glue. I found the other glues within a short time they unglue themselves and I'd hate to give someone something that is going to unglue itself...So I guess I'll have to make another card and enter that too. Because as Barb says in her own words "Go ahead....enter as often as you would like....." So If anyone else wants to join me in entering this blog to go to

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pennys Challenge...Using Picture Hangers!

I never know what to do when making a card unless I have a reason to make one. I thought Penny's challenge of using picture holders was interesting. Oddly I have quite a few hanging around the house that I can't use because I took the nails and used them for something else! So it took me about an hour to paw through my unorganized piles of stuff to come up with my first Christmas card for this year! This year I'd like to make them, so maybe I start participating in challenges more so I could have them done by December...Maybe LOL! Anyways I think it's kinda plain, but I think that makes it perfect! Interested in checking out the challenge? Go to

Monday, August 10, 2009

Thank You card

This is a Thank you card that I made to send to my Aunt about a week and a half ago. She sent me a "very late" wedding gift (8 months late lol), But hey lates better then never sometimes lol! I kinda really like how it came out. Kinda hard to see in this picture but I chose daisys, as they are my favorite flower and I had some at my wedding. So I felt Daisys were the appropriate stamp fot this card! I LOVE LOVE LOVE how the envelope came out as well!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

*CLOSED*Comfort a Military Spouse and WIN some Blog Candy!

Hello Crafters! This is my first ever blog candy give a way and it's for a special cause. First let me explain by telling you, I am volunteer for my husbands brigades Care Team. In the event of a tragedy I may be called on to give support to a spouse. I had an idea of making sympathy cards to give to the spouses. Cards are given to them, but I feel handmade cards would seem more personal, then something from a store shelf. How does this tie in with blog candy you ask? I'd love to tell you! To enter this challenge you must mail your card to me. By doing so you understand it could be used to comfort a military spouse in the event of a tragedy. It also means you have the chance to win one of three blog candy giveaways! THE RULES.... 1. You don't have to follow my blog, but it would make me feel cool if you did... Actually you don't even need a blog to even participate. If you do have a blog you must repost this challenge. I don't have many followers so I'm counting on the few I have to spread the word! 2. You must mail the actual card to me. Pictures of it are not accepted. 3. It must be a sympathy card (sorry for your loss). Keep it simple and clean. 4. If you are interested in participating email me at there I will send you the address to mail the card to. Please make sure the return address is easy to read, as I will be mailing the blog candy to the same address on your envelope. 5. Please enclose a blank envelope with the card. Send as many cards as you like. It may make a difference for your chances to win the candy! 6. Last but not least the blog candy giveaway is only good till the end of this month (August 2009) I will be posting pictures of the winning cards and names Beginning of September!




Anything goes in this contest! Be creative and have FUN! Best of luck to everyone!

My card entered in Penny's challenges!

This is Penny's first challenge~use buttons! This is also the first challenge I've ever participated in. Anyone else interested should check her out at The first challenge is open till September 2nd! Good Luck!