Sunday, July 26, 2009

French Fry Box

This came out really great I think! I'm kinda excited about how t came out! It was so simple and only took about five minutes to make! I used a Flower charm, a leftover scrap peice of ribbon, the medium stamp from the Close to my Heart "Tickled Pink" set, for the stamp ink I used Martha Stewarts Snow Flake

Download your fry box pattern at ENJOY!


This is my attempt at the supercard box that was recommended to me by Penny. The directions can be found at

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Philly Cheese steaks anyone?

This time I decided to transform this box into a journal. Heres afew pictures during the process!
This picture I'm working on covering the front. As you can see I glued a brown background, glued ribbon, and put patterned paper over it. To hold the pad in place, I didn't make a pocket. I used a piece of cardboard covered paper that I used glue, and thread to hold in place for the pad of paper to stay in place.
The cover I stamped Martha Stewart hearts on a cutout of a teapot then I sewed thread around the edges of the teapot. To glue it on the cover I needed to use hotglue also, since the regular glue pen wouldn't hold the thread.
For the inside teacups I used the same stamp, then I sewed the teacups and a pocket onto the inside cardstock
I needed to use rubber bands over night to help it keep it's form.
This is the front all finished.

Teapot upclose
This is the finished inside.

Upclose of the teacups!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

A page for Angel

Just thought I'd post this real quick before I head off to bed. I made it beginning of the week and truthfully I didn't jump right to posting it because well... I don't really like it... Well err what I mean is it just doesn't go together. The top half just doesn't go with the flowers in the pots. I used the wrong photograph I guess. I don't know, but I had these neat flower pots and thought I could use the CTMH Tickeled Pink set ...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hooray for Organization!

So today at work they were getting rid of this shelf thingy and I overheard the office manager say if anyone wanted it they could take it. So I piped right up and said I would take it, because free is a great oppertunity and I couldn't pass this one up! All I could think of was my poor dining room table that you may have seen a picture of in my first post! The shelfs are basket like and you can reach whatever is inside from any side! Even cooler, it's on wheels!

Well it may not seem like much, but to me it's exciting! I love love love free stuff, especially furnature lol! As you can see by this photo it's full. It does clean up my table top alittle ( Umm well until I started on an unfinished project tonight) I hope in a few weeks when we move into our new renovated house I will be able to have a designated place to scrap....Although if I don't get a desk or table to use I may just be back where I started lol.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

i am... so happy journal

Here's my newest creation. I made a little journal. Or it could be used as a address book or reciepe book. It wouldn't work well for stationary as the paper is yellow and non-replaceable, due to the notepad being glued to the inside.

Ok so I started out with a Little Debbies snack cake box, and covered the out side with patterned paper. I used all Close to my Heart stamps. Three sets. I used a lady from the "be yourself" set. I stamped it three times then enlarged them with a copier. I originally meant to stamp the dress pink. but there is a hint of purple from a prior stamping. I found this to be a "happy accident" so I left it as it was. I used scissors and cut and paste the clothing to make a more colorful version. I used the stamp "i am... so happy from the summer set. I also made an oops with the purple, so I double stamped the words in cranberry and I think it came out PERFECT! I am so happy how it came out!

For the inside I used a solid paper to cover the inside. Originally I wanted two pockets so the pad of paper could be replaceable. I started the project before I bought the pads of paper and found out it couldn't be done that way. So I had to glue it to the inside. I used ribbon to make a holder for the pen. For the pocket I had these "pop-up" page accesories that I had kicking around, so I cut one in half, covered it in patterned paper and glued three sides of it to the inside. As you can see on the pocket is the orignial lady that I enlarged for the cover. I double stamped the words "just because" from the Whooo loves you set.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Being a military spouse I have meet some interesting people. I have some great neighbors. One of them Tina will be transferred to another base in October. I have been getting together with the other Wives and am building her a crafty goodbye card. This card is not 100% done, as I still need to get with 4 other neighbors to write meessages on the pockets. It's taken me a month so far to catch up with the neighbors I have already, so it may be awhile till I get with the others. I'll edit and post a finalized photo when it's complete!
This is the cover. "FROM THE WIVES ON CASTLE DRIVE" I figured out the cover last night and glued it today. While Pawwing through a box of assortments I came across cutouts that resembled clipboards. I glued two mini pages of lined paper at the top only so you can actually lift the paper. Trying to give it a realistic look. I have hemp wrapped around the card to keep it closed. The actual card I used a cereal box.

This is the inside of the card. Tina's favorite color is green so I wanted to use lots of green, but wanted to even it out by using the same pattens in pink. I used Mays CTMH stamp of the month "Be Yourself" I chose four different ladies because all of the wives are very different. Differen't likes, personalities, nationalites, etc... But I chose to stamp them all in the same color to represent being military families. That's most likely not something obvious that other people would see, but I just thought I'd explain why I did what I did LOL!

Here is a photo of the bookmarks that go into the pockets. Tina reads lots of books that's why I chose to make bookmarks. Four of the wives have made the bookmarks and four of the wives will write on tags that I will stick on the pockets. The wives chosen for the bookmarks are the four friends she posted on her myspace page and wrote alittle something about each! So she made that part easy for me lol! One side of the bookmarks have a picture of the wife and her solider. The other side has a background paper and a little something written on it. The tops of the bookmarks are braided and have beads in them that the wives picked out.

Heres what it looks like together with the bookmarks in the pockets!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

story cube

Well today I made a Close to my heart photo cube. I was excited when I made it, but after posting it on the CTMH web page and viewing other cubes I don't feel so good about it anymore. But anyways I'm going to post it and give you the little pieces of story that make it a story cube. I apologize for the blurry photos. I pressed some buttons on my camera I shouldn't have and the photos came out a tad blurry.

I'll start off by telling you that I made the cube for my mother as a christmas gift. She may be coming to visit around Thanksgiving (She lives in Phoenix AZ) and I'd like to have her take it back home with her, as I fear the dangers of mailing it!

The third photo is of the top of the box. I used a piece of artwork my daughter made at a military daycare center.

The next side is a photo taken in New Hampshire of my daughter, with her papa Richie and a chicken! (First time she's been that close to a chicken!) Used a background paper that resembeled Straw like in the chicken nests. It may be hard to notice but I held all the corners together with Hemp for necklaces. Some I glued the paper over it, but this one I chose to poke it through the paper and doubleknot bows. The upper left corner, I chose to not cut the bow laces and knot beads in it. I chose alternating beads of Moose and Bears, because NH has tons of them! My mom and I lived most our lives in NH so I was trying to give it a homey feeling.

Next photo is taken on my wedding night. We got married in Phoenix, AZ 12-2-08 and were standing in front of Glendales park. All the trees were Lit up with lights and it was called Glendale glitters. All I added to this photo are some elegant looking moulding corners.

Next we have Grandma's PERFECT Lil Angel! My daughter is a definite girly girl. Straight up thinks she is a princess! She's 4 by the way. My mom absolutely loves her and will get a kick out of this one I know it! I used a flowery background. The words Grandma's Lil Angel were all togethter, but I decided to cut them as they didn't fit. At the last minute I inserted the perfect stamp from CTMH Be yourself set. I used Hemp on the corners as well, but this time I chose to have buttons in the corners instead of bows.

My husband is stationed in Fort Bragg, NC, where we currently reside. He will be deployed to Afghanistan next month. This photo was one his friend took of us in the lobby of a Pre-Deployment ball we atteneded on 6-18-09. I think it's one of the nicest pictures my husband and I have taken in a while now. I used a plain background. I stamped the words Honor, Pride, Duty, Sacrifice across the top. (Stamps are from Hero's Pride) I used small shiny glittery gold star stickers as I do not have a star stamp yet! I handwrote the event and date at the bottom.

The bottom of my story cube is suppose to have the made with love feel to it. Hence the heart background and the heart I traced and cutout in the middle. I used a stamp from the spring set, "All that we Love deeply becomes a part of us." Helen Keller. I gave it the homemade touch by sewing the heart to the middle paper. I have a hard time poking the needle through the backside so I pre poke my holes from the front first. I got the idea of sewing paper from the orignals book, which I may have mentioned in a previous post I think lol.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Wedding Pages

My Wedding... Ahhh Well it was nothing to oohh and aahh about that's for sure, as we were married in a courthouse by a justice of the peace and there were hardly any guests. BUT that's not the story my scrapbook has to tell now is it? Now since I didn't have any money and what I did have I spent on my dress I needed to get alittle creative. First I thought I would need a guest registry book or something, but as I mentioned above there was hardly any guests. So what I decided I would do was make a page for my scrapbook and have everyone sign that!

As you can see here I traced Cutouts of a star and cutouts of wedding rings to give it an Army Wedding look. Since my husband was/is new to the army and we were getting married so I could move on base with him, it seemed appropriate. I used acryalic paint and stencils for the lettering. This is something I came up with at the last minute, but I think it came out nice anyways.

This is one of my most favorite pages I've made! My friend Laurie told me when I got married that I needed something Old, something New, something Borrowed, and something Blue. Ok well I had everything except the Blue. I decided for my bouquet and the bouquet I gave my daughter and Lauries daughter would have Blue Daisys! Daisys are my favorite flower. I went to the local grocery store that sold flowers and combined the blue and the white daisys! After the marriage took place I pressed some of the flowers in a phonebook for a few weeks, till they were dry. Then I printed out an 8x10 photo of my daughter and cut her image out. I used a striped background that had the colors of the daisys. I made the brown paper behind the daisys simply by tearing the paper. I placed lament paper over the flowers to keep them in place.

For my husbands page I really wasn't sure where to go with this one. I was tryig to coordinate with the Guest page so the colors match, and the lettering is the same acrylic paint with stenciling. I had a piece of ribbon that looked like one similar to his uniform so I sort of weaved that in the stars to give it a side border kind of appearance. To also coordinate with my daughters page I used an 8x10 cutout as well! And this is all I have for my wedding photos so far. I haven't made a page for myself because I have I guess you could call it scrappers block. Whenever I decide to make on tho I'll be sure to post it!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Hooray for Birthdays!

Anthony and Angel Kittelson

I just finished this card tonight and was excited to post it. It's a birthday card I made for my step-daughter that's turning 6. Her birthday is next month, but I just made one for her brother whose birthday is this month, and once I get an idea in my head I have to go with it, or I might lose it! It was pretty simple. I traced several colors for the balloons. had some Disney Whinnie the Pooh punchouts and letters. For the inside I stamped Hooray for Birthdays with the Alphabet stamp set from Close to my Heart. I wasn't really sure how I wanted to approarch this card at first. I knew I wanted to use Pooh characters and I knew I wanted Balloons and this is what I came up with!

The Outside

The Inside!



I decided I would start alittle blog spot to put pictures of crafts, cards, and scrapbook pages for people to check out. Most of my work is 100% my own idea's. I've always been on the crafty side. I work in a complete mess and have no organization to what I doing whatsoever!

As you can see by this photo I have things everywere on my dining room tabletop! I don't have a designated craft area, so the dining room table is my current victim! I find it much more interesting to start with a certain idea and just paw through everything looking for the pieces that fit with my idea! By the way what you don't see in this photo is the mess on my countertop, the things I shoved in my cupboards below, the 3 stacable boxes, two cardboard boxes, and a large plastic tote holding supplies!

My main supply of stuff is a trunk full of things that was given to me by my mothers aunt. I have paper, stickers, embellishments, hole punches, shape scissors, idea books, magazines, etc, etc... After 8 years I have so much stuff that she gave me I still to this day find new things I've never seen before! I have added some to my collection as well. My newest are some close to my heart stamp sets, ink pads, tools, and paper that I ordered through my consultant and friend Penny. Here are a few cards I made using patterns from the Origninals CMTH book I borrowed from Penny.

This is a fathers day card I made. I had to do alot of improvising to make this card! I pawed through my junk for two hours before I found something I could used for a sticker that looked close to a pattern for a belt buckle. I hotglued beads sideways for the belt holes. This is also the first time I used a needle and thread to sew paper. I felt really silly doing this, but now I do it all the time. It gives some of the things I make a personalized and homemade look that can't be found at Wal-Mart! The note inside the front pocket said It's not, whats in your pocket that matters, but what's in your heart!

This is my very first card I attempted the day after I recieved my order of CMTH products. I was attempting to make a Hello "just because" card. I used a pattern from the Orignials book again. I did not have one stamp to be used with the pattern so I improvised with some flower cutouts, texture tools, ink, and ribbon. The dragonflys however are a free stamp I was given at my cmth party.

Here is a card I made from a United States pattern. The web address is from The date was from 2002, so I don't even know if it's still valid. Anyways Being a military spouse this pattern has come in pretty handy already!

Here is the same pattern I used from my Stepsons birthday card I made yesterday. I used army men cutouts from a disney toystory booklet.

This is the inside of the card.

These are my little wish trinket boxes I learned how to make at my ctmh gathering!

This box is made for my stepson Anthony as well. Its my favorite wish trinket box so far! I made the colors of the box match the hemp and beads of the necklace inside the box!

Also inside the boxes I have a piece of paper with the wish necklace/bracelet ancient legend!

Well this is good enough for this post! My next post will have some of my scrapbook favorites and the story about how they came together! Thanks for checking out my Scrapbook Assortments! Come back again later! ~jess