Monday, October 19, 2009


MAINETROOPGREETERS.COM is a site that I got a hint on facebook to check out. Mainetroopgreeters are people that dedicate their time to greet out troops coming and going from the Bangor Maine Airport. One of the things they do for the families of soldiers is photograph and post pictures of the troops online. I was really excited because I found 3 photos my husband was in! (He didn't even know he was photographed!) They have been doing this since 2004. So if anyone has had a solider deploy and knows the exact deployment date they should check out this site. You never know there could be photos of that special someone online! How cool is that?

Challenges I am entering this in are: Unscripted Sketches
#27 sketch challenge. I added the pictures on the side, but the rest of the sketch goes along. Creative Inspirations is about family! Scrap and Stamp wants to know what we are thankful for. I am thankful that their are people willing to support and greet troops no matter the weather condition or time of day or night! I am thankful these people have a site to post photos for the family and friends to view! People like that make all the differences!

This here is something I just wanted to share. Since this is my first deployment, I'm going to scrap what I can about mine and my husbands experiences. I bought this scrapbook from K&COMPANY. It was really expensive and now I'm kicking myself in the rear for doing so because it's now added to the rest of the items I still haven't paid off on my charge card! *sigh* but as I read somewhere on one of Penny's sites: I scrapbook so therefor I'm broke! But I thought it was really cool looking so I wanted to share!


  1. It doesn't matter what the cost of that album was, it's beautiful and classy. You daughter will cherish it as much as she cherishes the content inside. Once that album is jam packed full of Daddy memories, you'll know it was worth it.

    My advice on the being broke part - find ways to use every single scrap you have! I discovered card making this year and that helps me get rid of little pieces in such a cute way :)

    Keep on posting - I never got around to sending you that card on time for the end of August although I have the envelop with your addy listed still on my table :( But, if you do another card-drive for the holidays I will surely send a bunch .. nudge nudge hint hint ;)

  2. Jess this page came out PERFECT. I have wanted to get this album as well, however I dont have much for army photos... lol.

    Hey... you know if you go to you can find some discounted scrap supplies from online stores... not discounted but like if you go to certan sites thru you get a military discount.

  3. that's such a neat group- fabulous idea! i love it :) and i love that scrapbook too- my Grandpa gave me the same one for my birthday. It might make you broke- but it's gorgeous isn't it?! ;)

  4. Jess - this is so cool. I joined a website when my son went in to the Marine Corp that actually posted pics of graduations and events happening around Parris Island and I too found several pics with my son in them. I was so excited to find these (a hidden treasure) especially since that was a part of his life I felt so disconnected from. I too invested in the USMC album from K&Co and it is one of my most treasured albums. fold that credit card bill up and look at your pretty new album instead. Much better on the eyes!! LOL

  5. This is an awesome Layout with such wonderful pictures!!! I am so glad you used our Sketch at Unscripted for it.
    Your Army scrapbook is just perfect..such a shame they charge so much for it..but totally worth it. I scrap therefore I am broke ha ha I love it.totally true!
    Thanks so much for playing along with us this week at Unscripted
    Sarah M
    Unscripted DT

  6. What a wonderful thing this group is doing for our military folks! I'm fortunate enough right now NOT to have any family members involved but do have several friends who do! They are doing a wonderful service and you were smart to make this album purchase. I know money is tight right now but like the other ladies have said ... in the long run that cost will be nothing compared to the wonderful memories you will be able to maintain in this album! Hang in there my friend!!

  7. The layout is fabulous, I love how you used the sketch! Thanks for the tip on the site, such a great resource. Thanks for being Unscripted!!!