Sunday, September 13, 2009


My daughter got her first homework project, or I should say our homework project. I was to help her create a collage of things important to her. This including photos, of family, pets, places, baby pictures, etc. So I used Penny's sketch to begin with on the front side of her homework. I put together the design of everything, but we did equal amounts of work I think. Angelena cut most of the pictures and put the glue on them. She picked out things she wanted on it, painted the humming bird. The backside is a "lollypop" made out of photos. She chose that. (if it were me choosing I'd have gone with a cat lol!) Oh I guess I should tell you all my daughter is 4 and she's in pre-k. The project is going in a book at school the children and share and talk to each other about I guess from my understanding. Enjoy!


  1. Beautiful project! I like her lollipop using the pictures.

  2. omgosh that is sooo cute!!!!!

    don't you just love it when the kids homework is actually our homework. Matthew's homework every night is for me to read to him... yeah.... plus a few other things on different nights, but the reading thing, that's my homework, and I'm not even in school anymore!

  3. Soooooooo cute! Great job on both layouts!

    Thanks for playing along with us Jess, over at Penny's Challenges....hope to see you again this Wednesday as well!

  4. Angel told me about this first thing this morning when she got here! lol.

  5. What a great project! Angelena did an awesome job!!!

  6. Oh I love it! You guys did a great job on the homework project! Thanks for joining us each week at Penny's Challenges!
    Kim xXx

  7. What a great project. Thanks for taking part in Penny's challenges this week.

  8. Woooooooooow this is fab!!!!
    Loving the lollipop.
    Thanks for joining in with us this week Jess.
    Hugs Alison.xx
    Hope cards arrived safely.