Wednesday, August 19, 2009

sketch challenge sympathy card

I found a sketch over at that seemed easy. I knew I had a pair of cloud scissors that cut the design in the scketch and I knew they were something I've had for 8 years and never even used before! So why not? I honestly think it looked better before I cut it with the scissors, but I wanted to play along with the sketch. So I went with the cmth dogtags again, with remember this hero stamped inside, to go along with my comfort a military spouse challenge (if your interested in the rules it's still open go check out my posting for it.)

For the inside I deceided I wanted to use letter stencil. I used a quote from one of my justrite stamps. I switched out the word beautiful with soldier, because it seemed more appropriate. Over I'm happy with it. Except the cloud scissor cut. I don't feel they line up right ever when I use them, which is why I normally don't. I don't know, maybe I just need more practice!


  1. It came out cute. I dont use my scissors either... lol. For scallops like that I use my corner rounder, I just take the protecter thing off.

  2. Jessica the quote is lovely :) it is good to bring out things from our stash to use every now and again - might make you fall in love with the product all over!
    Love the dog tags
    Thanks for playing
    :) Kazan