Monday, August 17, 2009

My second "cause" card

First off let me tell you I got another care package in the mail today YAYYYY! For once I'm excited to check the mail! So after I got my care package I decide I need to create another card. I recalled having some cross stickers in my completely unorganized mess upstairs. Didn't take me long to find them. Then I realized I had some ribbon with crosses on it as well that I got from Penny when she did my scrapping party. (I wondered what I could possably do with it at the time, little did I know what the plans for it were to be! ) And the rest just came together afterwards. I thought about putting something on the front for words, but I think it's nice without any. Now for the inside I used the close to my heart classmate alphabet letters and the dog tags from heros pride. My husband said none of the cards I had gotten said anything about being a solidier. I informed him most cards are left blank so you can write whatever you want inside. But this card was made to make him happy lol... Inside the dog tags it says Remember this Hero. Well Mr. Critic my husband says the words Soldier and Hero should have been switched! *scoff* I thought about it a minute and realized I can't do that because the word soldier is too big for the tags. I'm really happy with the way it came out tho!


  1. Oh Jess!!!! That card is absolutely perfect. Tell Rodney I said to SHUT UP... lol He doesn't know what he's talking about. It did come out perfect, I think this is one of the best cards you have ever made :)

  2. How wonderful that everything came together so well for this card. Love the inside. Fantastic job. Hopefully my cards will arrive by the end of the week.