Monday, August 17, 2009

Second card in one night! Whoohoo lol!

Ok it's not often I make two cards in one night. I've only done that once before only because I was trying to make a fathers day and a birthday card for my dad before I went to New Hampshire to visit! So the card I made tonight is my Third Comfort a Military Spouse card. I found these clear embelishments that I thought would look nice in the center of the tickeled pink stamp set. Now that I see it on the card I think I may have figured out what I'd like to do for my own personal wedding scrapbook page! I used a justrite stamp verse in the middle of the card. I thought it was great that way, but I had to add the hemp bows because I made an opps because I got some ink on the stamp that showed up where it shouldn't have. I hate it when that happens! Actually it happens more then I like to admit! So the bows are to make a distraction from the unwanted ink. This time I left the inside of the card blank. Anyone else still interested in winning some blog candy by donating a sympathy card still can till the end of this month August 2009! Rules are in my earlier post


  1. Whoo Whos Clever? Fab!
    I lost all my side bar links when changing my background yesterday ive been working non stop at it what a nightmare sorry I have not been over
    Liz xx