Monday, July 13, 2009


I decided I would start alittle blog spot to put pictures of crafts, cards, and scrapbook pages for people to check out. Most of my work is 100% my own idea's. I've always been on the crafty side. I work in a complete mess and have no organization to what I doing whatsoever!

As you can see by this photo I have things everywere on my dining room tabletop! I don't have a designated craft area, so the dining room table is my current victim! I find it much more interesting to start with a certain idea and just paw through everything looking for the pieces that fit with my idea! By the way what you don't see in this photo is the mess on my countertop, the things I shoved in my cupboards below, the 3 stacable boxes, two cardboard boxes, and a large plastic tote holding supplies!

My main supply of stuff is a trunk full of things that was given to me by my mothers aunt. I have paper, stickers, embellishments, hole punches, shape scissors, idea books, magazines, etc, etc... After 8 years I have so much stuff that she gave me I still to this day find new things I've never seen before! I have added some to my collection as well. My newest are some close to my heart stamp sets, ink pads, tools, and paper that I ordered through my consultant and friend Penny. Here are a few cards I made using patterns from the Origninals CMTH book I borrowed from Penny.

This is a fathers day card I made. I had to do alot of improvising to make this card! I pawed through my junk for two hours before I found something I could used for a sticker that looked close to a pattern for a belt buckle. I hotglued beads sideways for the belt holes. This is also the first time I used a needle and thread to sew paper. I felt really silly doing this, but now I do it all the time. It gives some of the things I make a personalized and homemade look that can't be found at Wal-Mart! The note inside the front pocket said It's not, whats in your pocket that matters, but what's in your heart!

This is my very first card I attempted the day after I recieved my order of CMTH products. I was attempting to make a Hello "just because" card. I used a pattern from the Orignials book again. I did not have one stamp to be used with the pattern so I improvised with some flower cutouts, texture tools, ink, and ribbon. The dragonflys however are a free stamp I was given at my cmth party.

Here is a card I made from a United States pattern. The web address is from The date was from 2002, so I don't even know if it's still valid. Anyways Being a military spouse this pattern has come in pretty handy already!

Here is the same pattern I used from my Stepsons birthday card I made yesterday. I used army men cutouts from a disney toystory booklet.

This is the inside of the card.

These are my little wish trinket boxes I learned how to make at my ctmh gathering!

This box is made for my stepson Anthony as well. Its my favorite wish trinket box so far! I made the colors of the box match the hemp and beads of the necklace inside the box!

Also inside the boxes I have a piece of paper with the wish necklace/bracelet ancient legend!

Well this is good enough for this post! My next post will have some of my scrapbook favorites and the story about how they came together! Thanks for checking out my Scrapbook Assortments! Come back again later! ~jess


  1. oh YOU!!! lol. How exciting!!!!! Yay. I'm so glad you started a blog, and glad to FINALLY see your cards and stuff.

  2. Hi Jess, Penny sent me over to check out your blog and welcome you to the blogging world. Careful, it is addictive, right Penny? I am going to sign up as a follower so I can see more of your great cards. Glad to know you are getting CTMH products, they are the best!

  3. Penny sent me and I just wanted to say welcome to the blog world! Glad you are joining us.Look forward to see what else you paw through to create with. Just loved that comment.Stop by my site and say hello sometime.

  4. hiya ,
    Just wanted to say love your creations especially the wee trinket boxes such great idea .Came over to take a peep from penny's blog.
    Good Luck and welcome to blogging land
    hugs judex