Sunday, July 19, 2009

i am... so happy journal

Here's my newest creation. I made a little journal. Or it could be used as a address book or reciepe book. It wouldn't work well for stationary as the paper is yellow and non-replaceable, due to the notepad being glued to the inside.

Ok so I started out with a Little Debbies snack cake box, and covered the out side with patterned paper. I used all Close to my Heart stamps. Three sets. I used a lady from the "be yourself" set. I stamped it three times then enlarged them with a copier. I originally meant to stamp the dress pink. but there is a hint of purple from a prior stamping. I found this to be a "happy accident" so I left it as it was. I used scissors and cut and paste the clothing to make a more colorful version. I used the stamp "i am... so happy from the summer set. I also made an oops with the purple, so I double stamped the words in cranberry and I think it came out PERFECT! I am so happy how it came out!

For the inside I used a solid paper to cover the inside. Originally I wanted two pockets so the pad of paper could be replaceable. I started the project before I bought the pads of paper and found out it couldn't be done that way. So I had to glue it to the inside. I used ribbon to make a holder for the pen. For the pocket I had these "pop-up" page accesories that I had kicking around, so I cut one in half, covered it in patterned paper and glued three sides of it to the inside. As you can see on the pocket is the orignial lady that I enlarged for the cover. I double stamped the words "just because" from the Whooo loves you set.


  1. You have such great ideas!! I love that!

    I read your comment and I know what you mean. My hubby is leaving for Afghanistan in April and you just never know. One of our closest friends never came home and we miss him terribly

  2. I can't believe that's a little debbie's box.. .lol! I love it