Wednesday, July 15, 2009

story cube

Well today I made a Close to my heart photo cube. I was excited when I made it, but after posting it on the CTMH web page and viewing other cubes I don't feel so good about it anymore. But anyways I'm going to post it and give you the little pieces of story that make it a story cube. I apologize for the blurry photos. I pressed some buttons on my camera I shouldn't have and the photos came out a tad blurry.

I'll start off by telling you that I made the cube for my mother as a christmas gift. She may be coming to visit around Thanksgiving (She lives in Phoenix AZ) and I'd like to have her take it back home with her, as I fear the dangers of mailing it!

The third photo is of the top of the box. I used a piece of artwork my daughter made at a military daycare center.

The next side is a photo taken in New Hampshire of my daughter, with her papa Richie and a chicken! (First time she's been that close to a chicken!) Used a background paper that resembeled Straw like in the chicken nests. It may be hard to notice but I held all the corners together with Hemp for necklaces. Some I glued the paper over it, but this one I chose to poke it through the paper and doubleknot bows. The upper left corner, I chose to not cut the bow laces and knot beads in it. I chose alternating beads of Moose and Bears, because NH has tons of them! My mom and I lived most our lives in NH so I was trying to give it a homey feeling.

Next photo is taken on my wedding night. We got married in Phoenix, AZ 12-2-08 and were standing in front of Glendales park. All the trees were Lit up with lights and it was called Glendale glitters. All I added to this photo are some elegant looking moulding corners.

Next we have Grandma's PERFECT Lil Angel! My daughter is a definite girly girl. Straight up thinks she is a princess! She's 4 by the way. My mom absolutely loves her and will get a kick out of this one I know it! I used a flowery background. The words Grandma's Lil Angel were all togethter, but I decided to cut them as they didn't fit. At the last minute I inserted the perfect stamp from CTMH Be yourself set. I used Hemp on the corners as well, but this time I chose to have buttons in the corners instead of bows.

My husband is stationed in Fort Bragg, NC, where we currently reside. He will be deployed to Afghanistan next month. This photo was one his friend took of us in the lobby of a Pre-Deployment ball we atteneded on 6-18-09. I think it's one of the nicest pictures my husband and I have taken in a while now. I used a plain background. I stamped the words Honor, Pride, Duty, Sacrifice across the top. (Stamps are from Hero's Pride) I used small shiny glittery gold star stickers as I do not have a star stamp yet! I handwrote the event and date at the bottom.

The bottom of my story cube is suppose to have the made with love feel to it. Hence the heart background and the heart I traced and cutout in the middle. I used a stamp from the spring set, "All that we Love deeply becomes a part of us." Helen Keller. I gave it the homemade touch by sewing the heart to the middle paper. I have a hard time poking the needle through the backside so I pre poke my holes from the front first. I got the idea of sewing paper from the orignals book, which I may have mentioned in a previous post I think lol.


  1. I think it came out great. I don't know why you don't think so.

  2. Oh don't get me wrong, I think it came out great too, but when I saw the other peoples postings, well I guess they just seemed more classy I guess. My mom will like the cube I made her, I'm not worried. I need to build up my stamp collection because I don't have enough things I can post on that site since 90% of it must be CTMH. All in good time! I'll get them.