Saturday, July 25, 2009

Philly Cheese steaks anyone?

This time I decided to transform this box into a journal. Heres afew pictures during the process!
This picture I'm working on covering the front. As you can see I glued a brown background, glued ribbon, and put patterned paper over it. To hold the pad in place, I didn't make a pocket. I used a piece of cardboard covered paper that I used glue, and thread to hold in place for the pad of paper to stay in place.
The cover I stamped Martha Stewart hearts on a cutout of a teapot then I sewed thread around the edges of the teapot. To glue it on the cover I needed to use hotglue also, since the regular glue pen wouldn't hold the thread.
For the inside teacups I used the same stamp, then I sewed the teacups and a pocket onto the inside cardstock
I needed to use rubber bands over night to help it keep it's form.
This is the front all finished.

Teapot upclose
This is the finished inside.

Upclose of the teacups!

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