Friday, July 17, 2009

Being a military spouse I have meet some interesting people. I have some great neighbors. One of them Tina will be transferred to another base in October. I have been getting together with the other Wives and am building her a crafty goodbye card. This card is not 100% done, as I still need to get with 4 other neighbors to write meessages on the pockets. It's taken me a month so far to catch up with the neighbors I have already, so it may be awhile till I get with the others. I'll edit and post a finalized photo when it's complete!
This is the cover. "FROM THE WIVES ON CASTLE DRIVE" I figured out the cover last night and glued it today. While Pawwing through a box of assortments I came across cutouts that resembled clipboards. I glued two mini pages of lined paper at the top only so you can actually lift the paper. Trying to give it a realistic look. I have hemp wrapped around the card to keep it closed. The actual card I used a cereal box.

This is the inside of the card. Tina's favorite color is green so I wanted to use lots of green, but wanted to even it out by using the same pattens in pink. I used Mays CTMH stamp of the month "Be Yourself" I chose four different ladies because all of the wives are very different. Differen't likes, personalities, nationalites, etc... But I chose to stamp them all in the same color to represent being military families. That's most likely not something obvious that other people would see, but I just thought I'd explain why I did what I did LOL!

Here is a photo of the bookmarks that go into the pockets. Tina reads lots of books that's why I chose to make bookmarks. Four of the wives have made the bookmarks and four of the wives will write on tags that I will stick on the pockets. The wives chosen for the bookmarks are the four friends she posted on her myspace page and wrote alittle something about each! So she made that part easy for me lol! One side of the bookmarks have a picture of the wife and her solider. The other side has a background paper and a little something written on it. The tops of the bookmarks are braided and have beads in them that the wives picked out.

Heres what it looks like together with the bookmarks in the pockets!