Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hooray for Organization!

So today at work they were getting rid of this shelf thingy and I overheard the office manager say if anyone wanted it they could take it. So I piped right up and said I would take it, because free is a great oppertunity and I couldn't pass this one up! All I could think of was my poor dining room table that you may have seen a picture of in my first post! The shelfs are basket like and you can reach whatever is inside from any side! Even cooler, it's on wheels!

Well it may not seem like much, but to me it's exciting! I love love love free stuff, especially furnature lol! As you can see by this photo it's full. It does clean up my table top alittle ( Umm well until I started on an unfinished project tonight) I hope in a few weeks when we move into our new renovated house I will be able to have a designated place to scrap....Although if I don't get a desk or table to use I may just be back where I started lol.

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